MATS 2015

Hello Everyone! I am SOUMAH YALIKHA; I am 23 years old, born in Conakry, the capital of the Republic of Guinea, a country of 12 million people located in West Africa.

I graduated from college Kofi Annan to Guinea where I obtained a Master in Computer methods applied to business management in 2012. After my university studies I was recruited as executive assistant in a company of the place, in parallel with this function I have invested through beauty pageants as Miss Guinea. And I also won Miss Guinea RTG (Radio Television guinea) the promotion of the education of young African girl and the fight against FGM in collaboration with UNICEF. This support of this great institution has allowed me to an awareness campaign in this regard throughout the capital.  

My personality comes down to perseverance, the sense of family and love of neighbor. For me it is priceless values that we should never lose whatever happens. Miss AFRICA Tri-state has also been an opportunity for me to re-express my commitment to always give the little that I can offer to others to make the world better. My platform is based on the struggle for the emancipation of the African girl and help children in need.
As they say: little each for the happiness of all.