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About us

MISS AFRICA TRI STATE HUMANITARIAN PAGEANT is a graceful, elaborate, and one of the most celebrated annual African event in the United States. It is an avenue to showcase the beauty of Africa at its best. The objective of the organization is to empower and encourage young African females on the importance of using their power, voice, and newly acquired status as queen to advocate and support humanitarian causes as goodwill ambassadors. MATS is a non-profit organization that encourages, mentor, and expose young African Ladies to the basic philosophy of giving back and helping their communities. As a well recognized and highly supported organization by the African Communities, Government bodies and major establishments, MATS has not fallen short of its momentum yearly. MISS AFRICA Tri-State winner would be representing Africa at large at various events and foundations; she would be a good role model for young African girls in her community, in Africa, United States, and everywhere in the world. On June 11th, 2011, the maiden edition went live in New Jersey attracting the nation’s top corporate executives and entrepreneurs, making it the perfect venue for networking and deal making in a relaxed environment. South African beauty; Yolanda Masinga was crowned Miss Africa Tri-State 2011 at one of the most talked about ceremony in the Tri-State area till date. Consequently in 2012, Miss Joyce Oppongwah of Ghana won the title as the MATS Queen 2012, Miss Zoubaidattou Sylla of Guinea won the title as the MATS Queen 2013, Nasiphi Sobahle of South Africa won the title as the MATS Queen 2014, Yalikha Soumah of Guinea won the title as the MATS Queen 2015, Guinean Beauty Ramatou Barry was crowned Miss Africa Tri State 2016 in a back to back country effect and in 2017 Nigerian Beauty Pelumi Akinboye won the title as MATS Queen 2017. During their reigns, the Queens have contributed a lot to their community and have helped support good foundations and organizations in making life easier for human kind. Please read the blogs to follow their activities. On August 18th, hundreds of Elite Africans and distinguished guests all over the United States and Africa were witnesses as Nigerian Beauty Ramatou Barry was crowned Miss Africa Tri State 2017 … On behalf of the MATS team, we wish her a fruitful year ahead !!!

Mission Statement

To empower young African females to have confidence in their power to change the world

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For any question and other inquiries, please send your message to admin@missafricatristate.com