Sierra Leone Mudslide - Our condolences goes to every family who lost their loved ones in Sierra Leone, and also grieving over their loved ones. We were so devastated when we heard about this incident that happened on Monday, and that made our hearts melt. The flood that happened caused torrents of mud to wash down Mount Sugarloaf about five miles outside the capital Freetown. It's sad to know that Nearly 400 bodies have been found so far after and many more missing. About 3,000 people are without shelter right now. From pain to pain. May their perfect souls rest in peace. To all the family members who lost their homes and properties We want you to know that it's going to be all right and they're still hopr for a better tomorrow. This is a sign for us to come together and make a better place for our people. We have to put the problems in our hands because if we fail to act now, we will lose many lives. Signed - Miss Africa Tri-State Pelumi Akinboye and Miss Africa Tri-State 1st Princess Sarien Kosseh