Miss Africa Tri-State 2014 – Nasiphi Sobahle

Sanibonani, Molweni, Hallo, Thobela, Dumela, Lumela, Abusheni, Sanibona,Avulwani, Salibona and Hello!!!

I am from a country that boasts of 11 languages. I go by the name of Nasiphi Sobahle, 23yrs of age and I’m from a small, cold and dusty town called Kokstad, located in the beautiful and historic country of South Africa.
I have obtained a degree in Tourism Management from the Durban University of Technology, currently working on my second qualification, a BA in Government Administration and Development. I absolutely love to travel as well as being encountered with people from all walks of life, from different backgrounds and I guess this is what makes life so Beautiful. I personally believe that my career choices in Tourism/Hospitality as well as Government Development defines me in more ways than one…
I am raised by single mother ( Nomfanelo Mtezankuni) who is more than my pillar of strength, I could write a whole book about what am amazing mother God has blessed me with! I’m safe to say that I am a complete replica of her, that’s where I get my independence, my strong personality and that is how I have survived being in The United States of America, because her teachings , values and morals have been instilled in me and I will forever hold onto them! It’s imperative to never lose yourself when success is knocking on your door step, when God is paving the way for you, when God is leading you to nothing but your hearts desires, Yes,I am certain that you have gathered that above all, I AM A BELIEVER, I grew up in a home where I was made aware that Christianity is NOT a hobby, it’s rather a lifestyle and I have carried that with me.

I have two beautiful little sisters, Bumbano (10) and her name means Unity, referring to the united and close knit family that we are, my baby sisters name is Sulungeka (8) and that means Purity ! All our names have a meaning to them and all referring to the different life stages and phases my mom was at when pregnant. My name simply means “A Gift from God” that’s the direct English translation . That alone is able to paint a picture of the kind of family that I am part of. One thing my mom preaches to her 3 daughters is the vast opportunities that the world has to offer, she always says “the opportunities to a better YOU are endless” .
Winning Miss Africa Tri State has been an honor for me, i am still in awe up to this day on how God works because I prayed for this opportunity and God granted it to me! I have major plans both to benefit the community and myself,this is another chance I have been given to continue doing community work in South Africa and The continent of Africa at large!
I have said much and beyond much, this brings me to my conclusion , a famous quote that I live by on a daily Basis,by Bishop Desmond Tutu , he said ” Do a little bit of good wherever you are and those little bit of goods put together will overwhelm the world”

Nasiphi L Sobahle
Miss Africa Tri- State 2014