Miss Africa Tri-State Yolanda Masinga Guest of Honor at the RENOVATE MALARIA BENEFIT GALA

On Saturday, July 23rd, 2011. The group RENOVATE had their first annual MALARIA BENEFIT GALA. It was indeed a successful and well put together event; with the rich display of culture, good food, entertainment and of course the visual presentation of the plight of the people in the remote area of Nigeria with malaria.

Miss Africa Tri-State Yolanda Masinga graced this occasion as a Special Guest of the Foundation to support the mission and vision of the organization.  She alongside other notable personalities were recognized for their support both financially and morally towards the good cause.

All the proceeds from the event goes to the eradication and reduction of malaria in Nigeria, West Africa.

ReNOVATE organizes and is involved in outreach projects that can offer lasting solutions to the issue of poverty. Some examples of such projects include health drives such as the recently concluded Malaria Initiative.

To support this good initiative, please visit www.renovatenigeria.org